Be the first. Initial Coin Offering and first Metacities drop in 2022.

Express, connect, explore and build your city.

Metacity is a next generation Web3 social operating system for a physical city.

What makes it Web3?

Your Home Space

Is your place in the Metacity to express your civic self. Build your Metazen profile which can include a gigbar for your hustle, an NFT gallery and more.


Each Metacity will contain districts full of shops, marketplaces and gathering spaces.

The Arts

In the Arts District you can wander through galleries to explore art and connect with the latest creative action. Metazens can support their favorite artists by tipping a few Fluents, becoming a patron or purchasing an NFT.


Creators, solorpreneurs and small businesses are building blocks of a city’s character. From the specifically useful to the downright funky, Metacity marketplaces (and shops) give Metazens a place to virtually explore the businesses they know and love, buy from weekend market vendors all week long and support the niche creations that may not warrant a ‘brick and mortar’ location yet but still add flavor to our lives.

Composable Tools

Create, earn and make an impact in the Metacity with tools like newsletters, artists galleries, NFT minting, virtual events and more.

Local News

As Metacity evolves our communities, it innovates and revitalizes local news. Catalyst writers feed the flywheel with authentic, relevant local journalism. Metacity tools empower anyone in the city to contribute. From independent journalists to retired professors, Metazens can share an idea, and even earn a living producing important local content.

Idea Meritocracy

The best ideas reach the most people to drive consensus and resiliency.

The Fluent

Fluents reduce the friction of transacting in the Metacity. Pegged to an innovative blend of crypto and fiat assets, Fluents are held stable so the Metacity economy can smoothly support Metazens.


Metatokens absorb the value of the Metacity and increase in value as the city succeeds. Metazens living in the physical Metacity can invest in Metatokens to invest in their own community.

Be the first. Initial Coin Offering and first Metacities drop in 2022.